Do you want to "OWN NLP & Hypnosis" skills & apply them to your life in ways that will enhance results & expand opportunities for you both personally & professionally?

To truly master NLP you must experience it. "Live & DO NLP" not just learn about it from a lecture or a book. What does this really mean? It means that you learn it as it is meant to be taught - by getting the experience & then practicing daily to integrate the models & skills into your life & behavioral repertiore... NATURALLY.

Do it & learn from your experiences & then do it some more so that it becomes a natural part of your behavior & experience. Learn from those who are masterful at DOING NLP & not just teaching or talking about it but demonstrating & DOING IT themselves! If you want to "Know - Own - Do" NLP... then you will want to know more about the programs below because that is exactly what they are designed to do, to help you "change your mastery" & take it to the next level.

Take a few minutes to check out our NLP & Hypnosis programs. These are designed to establish your path to mastery & offer you continued learning, coaching & guidance towards integrating the skills of NLP & Hypnosis into your daily lives.

Call Elvis direct to discuss your interests in his programs or to ask your questions to find out how he can help you determine just how these trainings will make a difference in your life!

813-221-5466. Email Elvis Lester

I have a totally differently philosophy about knowledge.
don’t know it until you can DO IT! Richard Bandler


Elvis' 2020 Training Schedule

All LIVE Trainings are held at the Neurocise® Studios!
600 S. Magnolia Ave., Ste. 160, Tampa, FL 33606

WE HOST TRAININGS OFF-SITE with Sponsors/Promoters! Call 813-221-5466 for more information about you can host a Continuing Education Training.

WEBINARS & LIVE STREAMING: We use Zoom for our webinars & we broadcast live via FaceBook - Elvis Lester (friend me) &

We also have multiple videos for viewing at: Elvis Lester's Vimeo Channel


Ericksonian Hypnosis & Design Solution Coaching/Hypnosis - Conversational NLP™ & Conversational Trance™ - That's right! You can use all these skills conversationally to make a change not only in yourself but for and with others as well... very well!


No Prerequisite for this training. REGISTER NOW!!!

Date: TBA2020 (Saturday)
1 Day (7.0 CE Clock Hours)

TIME: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Reservations are Open. Call 813-221-5466 to reserve your space.

Come learn about how you can utilize tried & proven eye movement patterning & eye scanning to make lasting and profound changes perceptually, conceptually and emotionally. Here we will work directly with how you access information & memories, & how you create representations internally. These skills will allow you to transform the way you sense & perceive how you think & feel mentally, emotionally & physically. In this workshop you will be doing trance & experiential exercises & you will leave with a system to gain more mental & emotional state control & run your brain with more elegance & mastery of your own internal processes.


ARTICLE: What is Neurocise®? - Article (pdf download)

ChangeMastery Practicum

Click here for detailed information on this course (Via LeadPages)

Days (50 CE Clock Hours)

No Prerequisite for this training.

Click here to Register - Price: $2000


Day 1-4: TBA, 2020 (Thursday-Sunday)

Day 5-8:TBA, 2020 (Thursday-Sunday)

TIME: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Reservations are Open. Call 813-221-5466 to reserve your space.  


NLP In Hypnosis Flyer - Download

ChangeMastery™ SuperVision

8 Days (50 CE Clock Hours) - Admittance into this training is By Invitation Only. Contact us for your Application!

Prerequisite: Licensed Practitioner of NLP In Hypnosis

Price: $2000


Day 1-4: TBA, 2020 (Thursday-Sunday)

Day 5-8:TBA, 2020 (Thursday-Sunday)

TIME: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Screencast of Licensed Practitioner of NLP Program
Watch a Presentation on Benefits of NLP Training. Narrated by Elvis Lester

This presentation is from an earlier training - dates are not accurate. See above for correct dates!


NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® Application Modules - Advanced Trainings-

Stress, Acute Stress Disorder, Anxiety & Depression - Module 1

Compulsion, Addiction & +Habit-Forming, - Module 2

Trauma, Abuse, PTSD, Memory & Secondary Stress Disorder - Module 3

SIdentity Level Issues, Self-Evaluation & Self-Relations - Module 4

Dissociation, Somatization & Pain Management & Emobodiment - Module 5

Prerequisite: Licensed Practitioner of NLP™

3 Day Advanced Training (22.5 CE Clock Hours)

Dates to be Announced (Friday - Sunday)

Time; 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM (Coffee & Breakfast Snacks served)

Regular Price: $ 795

Call 813-221-5466 to reserve your space.


Patterns of Propulsion, Persuasion, Pleasure & Performance!

Propulsion Systems you say, hmmm! The very Genius of Dr. Richard Bandler & Dr. Milton Erickson & some say the highlife of NLP & Hypnosis. Patterns of Propulsion & Persuasion are built into all that we do, naturally, as that is how we are taught from the get go. To move away from what we don't want or have had to what it is that we do want & find attractive with more elegance, passion & positivity. Elvis has studied Dr. Bandler & Dr. Erickson's works for over 20 years & has identified key patterns & procedures that add a "Kick" & drive behavior & performance with more intention by design ALBEIT WITH MUCH MORE FUN! Learn to use Bandler's technologies & Elvis' technics & accelerate learning, performance & results.

Yes, YOU CAN utilize NLP conversationally to influence & persuade, lead & motivate, as well as educate & teach, inspire & relate. You already do & may not be as aware of it as you could be... YET!!!

Register now for Conversational NLP™ course held online at the ExecuLearn® Training Center (ETC hosted by WebEx). Elvis will introduce you to how to use NLP within your communications & conversations seamlessly not only with ohers but especially with your self. You will learn about elicitation & installation at the same time & how to utilize language motivate & inspire & persuad & lead. Oh Yes! You will...

Click to view the schedule for the next Conversational NLP & Conversational Trance™ Webinar

Identity-Coaching™ - Contact Elvis for more information!

Would you not agree that who you are & what you value "highly influences" your intentions (plans of action) & what you believe to be possible (& real for you in your life)? And hasn't it been your experience that a "positive expectancy & experience" (or a negative one) emerges & drives your state mentally, emotionally & physically? You with me so far? If you are, then doesn't It just make total sense for you to acquire, hone & apply the states, strategies & skills (identity, values, intentions, beliefs, expectations & states) essential to your success along the path to mastery & optimum performance?

Through Identity-Coaching™ you obtain this knowledge, experience & understanding by practicing & extending your ability to "FLEX these highly influential SKILLS" & put them to work FOR YOU to guarantee your SUCCESS. Doesn't it just make sense to START from the top & come learn how to do Identity-Coaching™ with Elvis?! You can NOW create & enhance your best states, strategies & skills & live your life with more passion & pleasure, more power & purpose so that BOTH you AND those you care about love & profit.

Call Elvis today & discuss how Identity-Coaching™ can be of benefit to you. 813-221-5466.

Click here to request additional information - You can choose which trainings you would like to know more about & Elvis will contact you directly. Your information will be entered into our database & register you as an ExecuLearn® Subscriber free of charge.

There’s know hypnosis here. That’s k-n-o-w.
Richard Bandler

Meta-Programs Mastery™
Learn & Choose Your Thinking-Preferences

What are meta-programs? We refer to them as "thinking-preferences" & perceptual filters. They impact & influence how you think & feel & say & do - How you process information, communicate & motivate your self & others. With more knowledge & skill at recognizing "meta-programs" (really processes in the brain) you can learn to improve your ability to communicate, relate, influence & lead not only yourself but others as well. Without this knowledge, well... let's just say these are key determinants to results & higher level performance & ultimately your success. Take the time now to increase your awareness of your preferences in motivation, information processing, perception & how to "stretch" your range of ability & flex these key factors at will. Once you do, you will begin a process of communicating at an entirely different level with others, in ways that reveal the very nature of human beings & "why & how" they do what they do. Then, you may realize that you can more effectively get along with & lead so-called "difficult" people better or those who appeared to have shown "too much" of their "personality".

After two days with Elvis, you will know more about how to elicit & detect, utilize & come through these "regulators" of our thinking & behavior. Just think about how you could benefit from this type of mastery in your jobs, relationships, at work, at home or in play. If things were clearer & you had precision skills to shift your communications on the fly to "fit" whoever it is in front of you, how much better would your relationships be? What would be the potential in sales & profits, or passion & pleasure you will experience? It is up to You to decide & design how you can & will think & feel & say & do... with more intention, grace & skill by recognizing & utilizing Meta-Programs Mastery! Join us at one of these trainings. What have you got to GAIN?

PRODUCT: Meta-Programs Mastery - 2 Day Training - Tampa, FL

Call For Dates - 813-221-5466 or 1-877-MindFirst for more details on how this course will help you change your mind & life.

Continuing Education Credits, Providership & Information

ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA is an approved provider of CEUs by:

State Of Florida - Division of Medical Quality Assurance - BAP#289 - CE Broker# - 50-1190 - Exp. 3/31/2017. Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists & Licensed Mental Health Counselors, LMHC, LMFT, LCSW. ExecuLearn is also a provider for the Florida Board of Nursing, Licensed Psychologists & Limited Licensed Psychologists (State of Florida 490 Board). Sessions (or programs) for which approved clock hours will be awarded are identified in the program bulletin or listing on the website. Courses meet the standards for approval of continuing education courses set forth in Rule 64B4-6.002, F.A.C, & is taught by qualified teacher of hypnosis as defined in Rule 64B4-7.003.

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NBCCH ( ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA is approved to provide Hypnotherapy training which qualifies toward the hours required by the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (NBCCH, Inc.) for certification as a National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA maintains sole responsibility for the content & quality of training program.

Each course that is approved by the above agencies will be designated as such in the listing.

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Elvis Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC is a Society approved Licensed Master Trainer of NLP In Hypnosis. Participants who complete Licensed Practitioner & Licensed Master Practitioner Programs are approved by Dr. Richard Bandler & the Society of NLP. Upon completion of the course you are potentially eligilbe to receive your license for the specific program you attended & completed. You will be registered with the Society of NLP officially & able to attend Society approved programs internationally towards completion of Licensed programs.

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