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Neurocise® Practitioner Certification Training 2018

No Prerequisite for this training.

4 Days (25 CE Clock Hours) - Discount Price $800
(Regular Price: $1200)

Dates:May 3 - 6, 2018 (Thursday - Sunday)

Focus: Deep integration of NLP & Hypnosis for powerful "Change & Trance" - Psychotherapeutic & Hypnotherapeutic Applications

Reservations are Open. Call 813-221-5466 to reserve your space.



TIME: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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What is Neurocise®? - Article (pdf download)

AUDIO Download: Neurocise Success MindFirst (.mp3)

NLP, Hypnosis & Neurocise® 1 Day Introductory Training

Date:Dates to Be Announced, 2018 - DISCOUNT PRICE: $69

Reservations are Open. Call 813-221-5466 to reserve your space.


1 Day (6.0 CE Clock Hours)

Come learn about how you can utilize tried & proven eye movement patterning & eye scanning to make lasting and profound changes perceptually, conceptually and emotionally. Here we will work directly with how you access information & memories, & how you create representations internally. These skills will allow you to transform the way you sense & perceive how you think & feel mentally, emotionally & physically. In this workshop you will be doing trance & experiential exercises & you will leave with a system to gain more mental & emotional state control & run your brain with more elegance & mastery of your own internal processes.

TIME: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

No Prerequisite for this training.

ARTICLE: What is Neurocise? - Article (pdf download)

AUDIO Download: Neurocise Success MindFirst (.mp3)



Training for your Mind-Brain-Body to Be & Do Successful Behaviors!

A Hybrid Model of Change & Transformation: Conditioning Success MindFirst


"Exercise Your Mind & Train Your Brain" because you can "preempt success" by practicing mentally, emotionally, physically & behaviorally utilizing powerful & proven methods & technics designed to..

"Trance-Form Your Talents!" & "who you are" & how you behave & perform.

Neurocise® is Elvis' "baby"... meaning, he has worked for 30+ years putting together just the right "mix and blend" of technics, trance & training to help you to live & lead your life beyond limits. With Neurocise™ you learn to "train your mind-brain-body", your very being , so that you achieve through your behavior what Elvis calls "MindLife Balance & Mastery".

Learn more about & experience Neurocise® personally as an Optimum Performance & Mental Modeling system to help you to have more "psygiene" - mental health & clean, effective "thinking-feeling-doing" that gets you what you want in life.

Utilizing the most powerful tools and technologies of change & transformation on the planet, Neurocise® provides a systematic set of tools, technics & training to assist you in making profound shifts & evolutionary changes in behavior.I will help you to...

Define What You Want – Decide & Design – Detail Distinctions – Deliver Results – Drive &...

Do the Behavior to Get Desired State Resolution!

The Art of Knowing what to do, How to Make It Happen & When to do it!

Introducing the advanced models of:

NeuroPointing™ & EyePointing™

The EMERGE™ Model (Eye Movement Emergence Reemergence & Guided Expression)

Psynergetics & Psygienics™

Design Neuro-Associative Inquiry™ & The B4 Model

Identity-Engineering™ & Identity-Spinning™

iVIBES & Design Solution Modeling™ & MindFirst™ Conditioning

Introduction to PysPerformance™ & MindLifeMastery™ - GO FIRST MINDFIRST™

AND much more...


I invite you to join me in this phenomenal opportunity to learn accelerated change techniques aimed directly at exercising the mind-brain-body for success! You will learn many different methods & patterns that have been developed & applied through counseling & coaching sessions, as well as modeling, training & consulting with high performers, employees & the general public. These meta-skills will be taught in a systematic approach as a complete system for change & performance improvement.

I will help you to "Exercise to Evolve & Effect the Experience" to get it in your Mind & your Body & your Behavior to change your "Way of Being & DOIng" your Life & your relationships

Ultimately Neurocise® is about making the commitment to strengthen & condition yourself mentally-emotionally-behaviorally DAILY to live your life to its fullest, to provide yourself the greatest opportunity possible to achieve your desires & exceed your wildest dreams. Taking Action MindFirst becoming even more deliberate in setting the direction you goiing even more towards getting it done!

The line between fantasy & reality is drawn with action.

Elvis Lester


Would you not agree that who you are & what you value "highly influences" your intentions (plans of action) & what you believe to be possible (& real for you in your life)? And hasn't it been your experience that a "positive expectancy & experience" (or a negative one) emerges & drives your state mentally, emotionally & physically? You with me so far? If you are, then doesn't It just make total sense for you to acquire, hone & apply the states, strategies & skills (identity, values, intentions, beliefs, expectations & states) essential to your success along the path to mastery & optimum performance?

Through Identity-Coaching™ you obtain this knowledge, experience & understanding by practicing & extending your ability to "FLEX these highly influential SKILLS" & put them to work FOR YOU to guarantee your SUCCESS. Doesn't it just make sense to START from the top & come learn how to do Identity-Coaching™ with Elvis?! You can NOW create & enhance your best states, strategies & skills & live your life with more passion & pleasure, more power & purpose so that BOTH you AND those you care about love & profit.

Call Elvis today & discuss how Identity-Coaching™ can be of benefit to you. 813-221-5466.
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Continuing Education Credits, Providership & Information

ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA is an approved provider of CEUs by:

State Of Florida - Division of Medical Quality Assurance - BAP#289 - CE Broker# - 50-1190 - Exp. 3/31/2019. Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists & Licensed Mental Health Counselors, LMHC, LMFT, LCSW. ExecuLearn is also a provider for the Florida Board of Nursing, Licensed Psychologists & Limited Licensed Psychologists (State of Florida 490 Board). Sessions (or programs) for which approved clock hours will be awarded are identified in the program bulletin or listing on the website. Courses meet the standards for approval of continuing education courses set forth in Rule 64B4-6.002, F.A.C, & is taught by qualified teacher of hypnosis as defined in Rule 64B4-7.003.

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NBCCH (http://www.natboard.com). ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA is approved to provide Hypnotherapy training which qualifies toward the hours required by the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (NBCCH, Inc.) for certification as a National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. ExecuLearn®/E. Keith Lester, PA maintains sole responsibility for the content & quality of training program.

Each course that is approved by the above agencies will be designated as such in the listing.

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